Links to Work

Platform Store Links –
iOS – – This is my app from start to finish, I’ve marked it free for now so there’s no barrier to getting it – I created this app from start to finish with the listed individual, Mike White, having ultimate creative control, but I did all the development and Unity work.
Windows Store – – For fun Hololens app made for my children, spawns dinosaurs at floor level for children to chase around, avoids walls, etc. The assets, like the dinosaur, were bought or free downloads, same with audio. – Hololens app, The UFO and the Alien were purchased, most of the rest were either free, or shaders that were altered to match the needs of the app. Same creative director as iOS app – Ascension, the introduction to a full length interactive film that has since stalled due to lack of funding.
Reviews for Hololens apps –
Some of my Dev videos – ARKit and Hololens shared interaction – VR App I’m working on for watching clouds and relaxing. (I cough really loud in this one – turn down volume) “Zombie Breach” contract app, I am responsible for the code, character movement, the model was free on the asset store. in progress videos of starship shoaling